Why entrust The Contented Workplace Co with your workforce?

When your people are content, engaged and enabled they bring
their best to work. In fact, Warwick University discovered happy workers are 12% more productive than their peers. In addition, happy employees make happy customers. And happy
customers – even in an economic downturn – come back.
But if something’s not quite right in the team it can cause strain,
and a bumpier customer experience than you’d like. That’s why it’s so important to surface those hidden areas of friction and smooth them. Not only to keep and attract your best customers, but also to make the productivity gains happy employees create.
If you’d like science-based, evidence-driven help to ignite
your teams’ performance and create a contented workplace, I’d love to help. Book a free, no obligation consultation.

Bespoke psychology workplace support and advice

I help you be your best and bring your best to work - leaders and managers contact me

Executive Coaching

Objective support guiding you to to greater possibilities, advancement, and freedom at work. Feel empowered to grow facing change with confidence.


Flexibly priced project support for short or longer interventions helping achieve your growth ambitions with evidence-based deliverables.

Workshops & Keynotes

One-off or ongoing programmes uniquely designed to give you techniques intended for quick results taking teams from frustrated to performing.

Moving leaders and employees from frustrated to flourishing

I am experienced in solving common problems occuring in leaders and employees using psychologically validated methods. This improves performance and loyalty, relieves frustration and equips your organisation's talent for the future.

Leaders and employees, have they become


We help demotivated and disengaged teams find their flow again. Our practical techniques transform workplace performance and set meaningful goals.

Stressed & overwhelmed

Are crushing workloads affecting team performance and absenteeism? We remove the frustration and get your teams going again with science-backed solutions.

Poorly communicating

Are your teams butting heads and slow to deliver critical projects? I provide effective tools to help teams thrive in face-paced environments.

Suspicious of change

Do your employees fear or resent change? Crucial and rapid change programmes are smoothed by my valuable and expert support guiding you at every step.


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